Looking after people. Ensuring they are comfortable, living happily at home, supported and enjoying a good quality of life sits at the heart of everything we do. Today’s technology in care has also given us some smart tools to help us deliver this vital support and keep everyone safe.

Pass system Care technology - Riccall Care
Technology in care - Pass System - Riccall Care

If we currently support you, or someone you know, to live independently at home you can find out here how the PassSystem works.

The Facts at Our Fingertips

Welcoming the benefits of technology in home care

The delivery of home care is changing. Technology and the ability to share and update information instantly is now set to greatly increase the efficiency of our world and with it comes a chance to spend more time on the people that matter most, our home care clients.

The recording of information is vital to the care of elderly and vulnerable, ensuring that they are receiving what they need, when and how. From social visits, to medicines and support with daily personal wellbeing, timely and accurate record keeping is crucial together with a robust review system. Yet, this all takes time. But, wherever there’s data, technology is not far behind, offering us fast processing and real-time access for far greater efficiency. This year will see us adopt PASSsystem, the digital care management system that will mean our carers will literally have all the information they need at their finger tips, together with more time to spend with those they care for. 

Our carers will be able to access the PASSsystem via their Riccall Care mobile phones and tablets. For each of their clients, they will find a complete set of care records, from enquiry, assessment, medication and supported tasks to reviews. Our carers will know exactly what’s required and be able to feedback and comment. With a system of checks and balances in place, any tasks undone are flagged up quickly and any accidents or incidents managed with greater transparency, giving both carers and cared for greater peace of mind.

Viewable and updatable instantly, the system will allow us to greatly reduce paperwork, whilst improving our accuracy and up to the minute record keeping. It will also mean instant notifications for medication and task changes for carers out and about in the community. There will also no longer be a need for printed medicine administration records (MAR sheets) to be kept in the home.

Family members are not left out… Through openPASS, where appropriate, family members and other collaborating health professionals are also able to access the information, allowing better coordination of different support services. For example, care notes may be read by scanning a bar code on the client’s file with a smart phone and then accessed via the openPASS app.

It’s a big step for our family business, but, by investing in training our team and streamlining our care delivery, with the support of technology we want to ensure that our dedicated carers spend more time doing what they do best, caring for our clients. We also want our clients to have complete peace of mind that we’re here to help keep them well and living happily at home for as long as they wish.

For more information on our digital care management please contact us, we’ll  be delighted to talk to you.

Stay smart to keep safe

If your carer has not arrived at or around the time we have agreed, our care support team are alerted.  We will then try to reach your carer. At the same time we will ensure that you are not left without support when you are expecting it.

We regularly review, test and seek to develop the technology we use, including our operating systems and processes to help ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind.