Care is all about people

Looking after people. Ensuring they are comfortable, living happily at home, supported and enjoying a good quality of life sits at the heart of everything we do. Today’s technology in care has also given us some smart tools to help us deliver this vital support and keep everyone safe.

To help ensure that our care team is safe and making contact with all those in our care we have introduced sector leading technology and operating systems. These mean we’ll never miss your phone call or care appointment.  This peace of mind is crucial to all of us: you, your loved ones, our care workers and the operations team back at base.

From Monday 23rd November 2015 we will be recording all telephone conversations to Riccall Care from clients and carers in order to help ensure the transparency and quality of the care services we deliver.

Taking away the worry – how does it work? 

If our phone lines are particularly busy and you cannot get through, we are alerted through our system that you may have tried to contact us by telephone and we will call you back.

All our carers carry mobile phones. The phones display their care appointments and are used to regularly communicate with our care support team.  The phones also have the ability to scan a unique identity card within each of our clients’ homes.  When the card is scanned by our carers on arrival the information is immediately sent to our care support team. This lets them know that the carer has arrived safely and the appointment is kept.

Mike Richards, Director Riccall Care

Stay smart to keep safe

If your carer has not arrived at or around the time we have agreed, our care support team are alerted.  We will then try to reach your carer. At the same time we will ensure that you are not left without support when you are expecting it.

We regularly review, test and seek to develop the technology we use, including our operating systems and processes to help ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind.

Free home care advice

Instant Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval

We work with the digital platform mstore, which replaces the vast amount of stored paperwork generated by our 130 carers and 400 clients.  We are able to securely store all our clients’ confidential care information and retrieve it quickly. Part of an increased efficiency, data protection and disaster recovery plan, we continue to innovate across the business and transform how we manage care records for the better.

To find out more about us and how we can support you and your family, call us today or request a ring back from our home care team at a time to suit you between 7am and 11pm.

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