When you receive support at home, it is important that your carer has all your information at their fingertips to help them spend as much time caring for you as possible.


Pass system Care technology - Riccall Care

In order to help your carers spend more time with you and less time on paperwork, we will shortly be introducing a new way to receive and record your care information. It’s called the PASS System.

PASS is a ‘live’ digital care program, which allows us to securely view and update your care plan instantly. Our Care Assessment team has carefully transferred your details from our paper records on to the PASS System, which is then accessed via a mobile phone or tablet.

The ease and added efficiency of using PASS will mean that our care team has more time to focus on your needs, with your carers able to easily and quickly view all the tasks that you require help with and how you like these tasks to be completed. They will also be able to make notes throughout each visit, to ensure accurate and complete record keeping. To do this they will be using a mobile phone.

We can understand how this may be a little unnerving at first, but, your care worker’s work phone will be clearly labeled with a Riccall Care sticker to reassure you that, when they are using it, they are viewing and updating your care plan and essential information.

Here’s how it works…

Pass System - Riccall Care

Using their clearly marked Riccall Care mobile phone, on arrival your carer will ‘check in’ and then view the tasks that need to be completed. They will also update the PASS System at different times throughout your care visit, by either typing in notes or leaving voice messages.

A basic paper care plan will still be provided to keep in your home; however, you will notice that it will no longer contain printed medicine administration records, or MAR sheets. All your medication will be securely recorded electronically on the PASS System. Plus, all additional information and updates added during your care visits will be input straight onto the PASS System.

By introducing this new way of checking and recording care visit information your carer will be able to spend more time with you to ensure that you are comfortable and happy at home.

How to view your care information…

OpenPASS allows you and appropriate members of your family and key health professionals to view your care plan.

OpenPASS care Riccall Care

They can do this by using a smart phone or tablet to scan the Quick Response (QR) barcode printed on the front of your basic home care plan. Here’s what it will look like:QR code Riccall Care

Have a go! Use your device to scan the QR barcode above. It is an example and will link you to our website home page.

We understand that this is a big change and it will take some time to get used to. If you have any concerns or would simply like more information about PASS, openPASS, and accessing your care details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we are always here to help.

Your privacy is important. To learn how we look after and store your information, please ask us. You can also visit our data privacy page for further information.