Did the super fit Tour de France cyclists leave you inspired or reaching for the biscuit box because you’ll never fit into those shorts?

Exercise is great for all of us and leads to a better, longer life – we just need to take the first steps. Whatever our age or abilities exercise plays an important role in keeping us happier and healthier for longer, it is also one way for sufferers of arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis to cope with their condition.

Easing the pain of arthritis

Regular exercise can help ease stiffness, strengthen muscle and improve the moment of our joints.  It can also help us improve our bone density, lose weight and take the pressure off our joints.  Importantly, exercise also boosts our self-confidence and feeling more positive really can help us cope with limiting conditions – turning the “I can’t.” into “I’m going to give it a go.”

Supporting home care clients swimming in York and Selby

Gently does it, regular and often…

Just a little is better than none at all and it is surprising how much difference a little can make. Joining in with activities at day centres, with friends and family pays dividends and, as a locally based home care agency, at Riccall Care we’re always happy to support our clients on social outings and that includes enjoying regular exercise. A walk into town; around a nearby park; a stroll down by the river, cycling or swimming – quality of life is about how we live, just as much as where we live.

When you are coping day-in, day-out with a painful long-term condition, support from experienced and sympathetic carers means that many people can and do take steps to enjoy more exercise and a healthier life.  Forget the shorts, talk to us about what you need, we’ll be only too glad to support you.

Always check with your GP before beginning exercise.

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