Companion Travellers

Care training, mentoring and Riccall Care’s new dementia course for professional and voluntary caregivers.

Dementia Course Riccall Care

Dementia is a journey on which we can only be companion travellers and, here at Riccall Care, our new interactive workshop aims to increase our knowledge and understanding of dementia in order to improve the ways we accompany those we care for.

We have created a workshop style course where learners can bring their own experiences and challenges to a confidential group. Understanding the ‘hard truths’ we face, we then bring our training and expertise to guide and help them develop the relevant skills and approaches to enhance the dementia journey for the people they love and/or provide care for.

Learners bring their own experiences and challenges.

This combined learning means an exploration of the underlying causes of what we may see as ‘challenging behaviour’; ways to respond and react; exploring alternative ways of thinking; joining the dementia persons ‘here and now’ way of living; handling the changes to our relationships with them and identifying what matters most for the person with dementia.

Highly suitable for family members, friends and voluntary carers, our workshops are also ideal for professional carers and you are welcome to join us.

Dementia Friend

Would you like support around dementia and how to cope? Join us at our regular York and Selby Dementia Café every first Thursday of the month from 2-4pm at Riccall Care Training Suite. All welcome.