Antibiotics are medicines that cure and, in some instances prevent, bacterial infections in humans and animals. Today, our growing resistance to these essential drugs is emerging as a very real threat to our health. Do you know how to keep antibiotics effective?

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We all need antibiotics that continue to work. To highlight the issue to our own care team and our clients we have pledged our support and become Antibiotic Guardians and you can too!

Highly effective for mild to very serious infections, antibiotics are used for routine operations and treatments from acne and chest infections to cancer care. They do not, however, have any impact upon other types of infection and viruses like colds, coughs, flu or sore throats.

“87% of people are unaware that a cold can last 1½ weeks.”*

Sadly, antibiotic overuse is creating resistant bacteria and untreatable infections.

“1 in 4 people unnecessarily visit their GP and A&E as the first port of call when suffering from flu.”*

This resistance happens in different ways. It may be the result of mutation, whereby over time a bacterial infection changes and becomes resistant to a particular antibiotic medicine. The odds of this happening are increased when people do not complete their full course of antibiotics and the bacteria left untreated then develop resistance. Overuse also includes using antibiotics to treat minor illnesses that would have got better by themselves.

It’s very important to know how to keep antibiotics effective and it’s simple to pledge your support and help spread the word, just visit

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Learn more about cold and flu symptoms and their treatment  together with warning signs about more serious conditions. Plus, find out more about antibiotics and their use on the website.

Be health aware! Our information is meant as a guide only and does not constitute professional medical advice.

*Sources:  Treat yourself better website.