How to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

“It is estimated that the number of people living with dementia in the UK by 2025 will rise to over 1 million. Whilst rates of diagnosis have improved, it is widely believed that dementia is still significantly under diagnosed…” Dementia is an umbrella term that describes a condition where brain function has been impaired. This could be through a number of different diseases or disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and Vascular Dementia, whereby a small stroke [...]

Keeping Quality of Life with Dementia

May 15-21st this year is Dementia Awareness week (DWA). The week of events throws a spotlight on dementia to help increase understanding of the condition, raise awareness of the Alzheimer’s Society, their work and fund raising. Keeping quality of life with dementia Dementia is a term that describes symptoms of progressive brain damage most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s disease or mini strokes as in vascular dementia, which cause loss of memory, difficulties in problem solving, [...]

How to Keep Antibiotics Effective

Antibiotics are medicines that cure and, in some instances prevent, bacterial infections in humans and animals. Today, our growing resistance to these essential drugs is emerging as a very real threat to our health. Do you know how to keep antibiotics effective? Join us and become an... We all need antibiotics that continue to work. To highlight the issue to our own care team and our clients we have pledged our support and become Antibiotic [...]

It Takes Just Two Minutes to Be a Hero

Back in the summer the Yorkshire Post launched a campaign to encourage people to put themselves on to the organ donor register after it was discovered that only 114 people in Yorkshire had consented to organ donation. Currently it is estimated that 800 people in Yorkshire alone are awaiting lifesaving transplants. Organ donation is a subject close to our hearts. Joel Malyon, son of Polly one of our team here at Riccall Care, was an [...]

What are you laughing at?

A giggle is great; joy is good for us and can be found in all sorts of situations. When we expose our funny bone it can also be a potent force for health and well-being. Laughing is attractive, contagious and, according to research, very good for us. “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” Victor Borge Some of our team having a giggle wearing red lippy in support of Dementia Awareness Week in JuneThe [...]

Red Lippy Day with Dementia UK

We all got into the spirit of supporting Dementia UK's fundraiser Red Lippy Day on May 1st, to acknowledge and support dementia sufferers. Some of our Riccall Care HQ team Here's what it's all about, from Dementia UK's website: A fundraiser for Dementia UK Jules's mum has vascular dementia and despite having real difficulty communicating, always requested to wear her trademark red lipstick. Jules says: "My wonderful glam puss of a Mum always wore her [...]

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2015

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2015 Time for tea! This year Nutrition and Hydration Week is from the 16th to the 22nd March. An initiative to attract attention and push up standards around nutrition for anyone and everyone using our healthcare services, it is a collaboration between the Patient Safety Domain NHS England, the National Association of Care Catering and the Hospital Caterers Association. Nutrition and hydration - good food and adequate drinks - are essential [...]

Your Autumn ‘MOT’ – health and wellbeing for winter

Time to take stock and help ensure your health and wellbeing for the coming colder months As the chill of October gathers pace there’s a sense of home and hearth but what about health? As the leaves fall and we reach for our jumpers and the heating thermostat, it’s a good time to pay attention to our bodies before winter arrives. At this time of year it’s important to take up the offer of free [...]

Joel’s Huge Night Out

On Friday night at York’s Racecourse, there was a party going on. If you were lucky enough to be there you would have enjoyed a great evening of food and fun, bidding on some really great auction prizes from helicopter flights to holidays and mountain bikes. The fund raising party was to celebrate the life of Joel Malyon. Winner of the York Press Community Pride Awards last year, Joel died before he could receive his [...]

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