Carers are a special breed. They choose to work with the most vulnerable in our society, to help and support them.  To be there when they need help most and give them a good quality of life, especially if they want to live that life in the comfort of their own homes.

What does it take follow a career in care today?

At Riccall Care we are very proud of our team of carers and, as our client numbers grow, we are always on the lookout for likeminded people who want to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. Last month saw the celebrations around Carers Week, an acknowledgement of everything that unpaid, or informal carers like family, neighbours and friends do in support to their loved ones. This month we want to acknowledge the great work of our paid carers, as they take on care roles day-in, day-out.

We have a wide range of people working with us from many different backgrounds. Some are from a medical background, including trainee doctors and health professionals who are gaining experience before taking on a clinical role. Some are from education, the majority, however, simply have a desire to help others; wanting to make a difference and doing a worthwhile job where no two days are ever the same.

Sarah and Kristina, two of our great care team…

Team Leader Sarah Clifford has worked with us as a carer for nearly 14 years. Sarah’s mum was a nurse and matron of a care home and Sarah began her care career working for her. Throughout her career with Riccall Sarah has taken the opportunity to keep training with refresher courses and in areas of special interest, such as Palliative Care and First Aid, yet the overwhelming benefit for Sarah is job satisfaction and making a difference

“For me it’s always about giving the kind of care I would want when I am older, that’s my standard. It is also about the little things you do that make such a positive difference for people. One moment that stands out for me is accompanying a terminally ill lady and her wheelchair-bound daughter to her grandson’s graduation ceremony. I’ll never forget the look on the lady’s face as she watched her grandson throw his cap in the air. It was her dying wish to go, she was so proud and so delighted – there’s nothing like it.”

Kristina Phillips has been with us for around two and a-half years. With a degree in Childhood Studies and Disability Studies, Kristina is currently working towards a Masters in Social Work. Able to fit in some hours a week around studying and more during the summer break, Kristina enjoys the very real benefits of ‘hands-on’ home care experience and how this supports her studies.

“I want to become a social worker and I would definitely recommend working in home care to gain experience. Riccall Care is really good about my hours, as I need to be flexible and are very supportive with additional training; I have taken my Diploma Level 2 in Health and Social Care while working with them. I used to work in shop where the hours really dragged, but working with Riccall’s clients mean the hours fly by and no day or shift is ever the same, which I really enjoy.”

For us and all our carers, training plays a vital role in preparing for and supporting our work so that all our carers feel confident in their roles. It is important that our courses are accredited and recognised for high quality delivery. Overseen by our Training and Improvement Manager Geri Walker, we also offer other agencies, organisations and individuals care courses at our training suite or on-site at their premises.

Often working on their own, we also want to ensure that our care team are arriving at their care appointments safely. To do this we use the latest mobile technology ‘log in’ system, which means we can support them and pick up any issues immediately for carers and, importantly, our clients.

The great feeling of a worthwhile job well done…

We welcome enquiries from anyone who has an interest in caring for others; if you feel that a career in care may be just the job for you let’s talk about it.

Visit Riccall Care jobs to find out more, or simply give our friendly team a call on 01904 720700.

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